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Montreal, Canada



Welcome to Full On Forestry. A small community driven project where the focus is on members owning their own land and logging operations within Farming Simulator 19 for PC. Although there is a public land lot where anyone can join and work from, dedicated members receive their own land, money and mods to operate their logging activities as they choose.  

Join the server and community by finding the Full On server in your Farming Simulator 19 (PC) multiplayer game in the International servers. You'll also need to download any active mods from the server and it's always good to join our Discord voice and chat channel for communications. 

Become a Land Owner ! There are over a dozen prime properties available to be purchased in the server. We are currently running Rogue River Map which is great for logging.


Once you pick your plot it's yours! Invite friends to the server to work on your  operation. We install any mods you may need and you're free to manage your land as you see fit. 

The server is in auto save mode and runs 24/7 giving you a chance to build a long term virtual logging operation. 


Plots are completely free. Purchases refer to in game only.

Check out some of the available lots in our gallery

Feel free to visit and tour the server. There's a nice size lot full of forestry equipment ready to roll for our public guests. 

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