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The Room

Designed and built by William Shearer. The studio is purpose built from the ground up for sound and features 1200 square feet of space, spruce spring loaded flooring and a dormer that extends out of the studio with almost 180 degree field of view to the surrounding Valley.


With it's high shiplap ceilings and angled walls and dormers, the construction of the room itself acts as a natural diffuser rarely allowing reflected sound to interfere with direct sound. Coupled with downward angled windows and well placed absorbers, upper and mid harmonics are evenly controlled making the entire room the sweet spot. 

The low end response of the room is exceptional due to the unique room angles  and the distance the low end sound wave has to travel. The combination of width, depth, and height insure that there isn't any overlap of standing waves between the three dimensions at which they form creating an even low-end response throughout the room.

Paradise Sound Studio is unique in that it is an open concept studio. There's no glass or wall separating the artist and the production team. Everyone is in the same room and able to quickly communicate and get things done. You'll find the studio is an extremely comfortable environment with great recording gear and plenty of room to create.

The Cabin

During the warmer weather we open up the cabin located on the property that sits on the edge of the Annapolis river. Although it has no running water or power, this 1980's built cabin makes for a great place for a green room.  

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